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Music Lessons for

Adults and Kids!

Lessons Starting at Only  $19.13! 

Online or in Studio

First Star Music Studios

16800 Foliage Ave

Rosemount, MN 55068


Email: alynigues@gmail..com 

Happy Kids With Musical Instruments

"Our Mission is to Provide The Best Relationships of Trust, Confidence and Integrity for 

All Students and Their Families"!

In The Music Business Since 1953

Locally Owned & Operated.

Family Friendly and Safe Covid Requirements.

Learn With Confidence and

 Peace Of Mind.

Fall Enrollment Now Open!  

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Happy 9 y/o Garrett w/ New Guitar

 9 y/o Garrett Loves His

New Guitar and Lessons at 

First Star Music Studios, Rosemount, MN.

The Best Place for Music Lessons Voted High Ranking 3 Years in a Row!

Our Privacy Guarantee:

The Information You Provide Is Highly Secured and Strictly Confidential.

We Will Never Share Your Information with Anyone, For Any Reason!

Cheerfully Accepting your Debit or Credit Cards
Mom Missy  and 7 y/o Son Carter Learning Ukulele

Mom Missy and 9 y/o Son Carter

Having Fun Learning to Play Ukulele Songs

Sahil 6 year old Student with Teacher Al Ynigues www.firststarmusic.net

Sahil 6 yearld Student  with Teacher Al Ynigues www.firststarmusic.net

Dorothy 9 y/o 1st Piano Lesson August 5th 2020 at www.firststarmusic.net 

Grant is a 7 year old Guitar Student  That

Loves His Guitar Lessons

Dorothy 9 y/o 1st Piano Lesson August 5th 2020 at www.firststarmusic.net

First Star Music Studios  

Has Music Classes to Accommodate Your Schedules and Your Pocketbook!

Songwriting Classes are Now Available. 

Songwriting Classes at First Star Music Studios

Happy Musical Instruments

WELCOME TO               

First Star Music Studios 

Rosemount, MN 55068

Has a Warm

Welcome Waiting for You!

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"I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my music."

Albert Einstein

Albert Enistein Playing Violin

Offering Private Music Lessons in a Family Friendly Enviroment with an

Experienced - Supportive, Caring Teacher.

Voice or Instruments

Ages 5 to Seniors.

Lessons Starting at Only $19.13.

All Levels / Most Favorite Styles.

Repairs for Violin, Guitars and More!

Free Loaners / Free Estimates in Writing.

Guarantee Work in Writing.

Meet The Teacher:

Free Friendly Greet & Meet Demonstration Lesson is Available for Students That Are Seriously Considering Signing Up But, Would Like Try a Class Before

Officially Registering.

Private Music Lessons for Ages

5 Years to Adults for

Voice or Musical Instruments.

"Free Music Lessons Incentives"

Vocal Development - Piano - Guitar - Bass 

Ukulele - Drums - Percussion - Mandolin - Harmonica and More!

Songwriting - Music Theory - Composing -

Reading Notation

612-590-2621 Text or Call

Conveniently  Located in the Community 

Serving the Areas of

Apple Valley - Eagan- Lakeville - Rosemount -Farmington - Prior Lake - Savage and All Other Surrounding Areas.

Studio & Workshop Hours:

Monday - Thursday 10:00 am - 8:30 pm

Friday and Saturday  10:00 am - 3:30 pm

Sundays Closed

All National Holidays Observed. 

Alex 15 y/o Bass Student 

"I Love My Lessons with Mr. Al Ynigues"

Alex 15 y/o Bass Student at First Star Music Studios Rosemount, Minnesota 55068
New Guitar Student, Madhav Happy to Begin His Musical Journey at First star Music Studios - Rosemount, MN

Madhav 11 y/o Happy to Start Guitar Lessons at

First star Music Studios

Rosemount, MN 

First Guitar Lesson 7 Y/o. Very Happy Student

                            Grant is a Very Happy 7 y/o Student

First Guitar Lesson

New Guitar Student, Madhav Happy to Begin His Musical Journey at First star Music Studios - Rosemount, MN

Madhav is Very Happy With His

New Guitar From

First Star Music in Rosemount, MN

Boy with Baritone Ukulele


EZ Fun Learning for

Adults and Kids

Sahill 6 Year Old Piano Student  Started His Lessons with 


Rosemount, MN 55068

Sisters Learning Singing and Piano Lessons

Sisters Learning Piano and Singing Lessons

Piano Lessons for Everyone

Piano Lessons for Everyone

Happy Hannah Lovws Her Piano Lessons

Happy Hannah Loves Her Piano Lessons

Methum Loves Learning Happy Birthday ,firststarmusic.net

  Methum Loves Learning The "Happy Birthday" Song www.firststarmusic.net

Prices  &  Services :

Pianos Guitars Drums Singing Ukulele and More!

Promotional Discounts and Make - Up System

Available to All Registered Students

Music Recitals for Some Students Twice a Year

May and December

Fifth Week of Any Month, (If Any) Is a Free Optional Lesson.

Ask Your Teacher For More information.

Proven, Trusted, Supportive, Honest, Dependable.

Private Voice or Musical Instrument Lessons.

Repairs for Violins, Guitars and All Stringed Instruments.

Drum Lessons for All Ages of 5 yrs to Seniors

1/2 Hour Private

Music Lesson -

for ages 5 - 15

Your Choice of Voice or

Musical Instrument


Per Lesson

Billed Monthly

Flat Rate of $76.50 

For Entire Month.

Per Each Subject/ Instrument.  

Per Each Student.

Upon Completing 


  Your Flat Rate Tuition Will be Locked in and Will

Never be Raised.  

Your Appointment Will Be   

 Once a Week for

1/2 Hr.

For All

All Registered Students.

or Other Choice:

$25.00 for for Only

One Session or More

Without Full Registration 

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Your Choice of Voice or Musical Instrument

1 Hour Private 

Music Lesson for

15 yrs or Adults

Only 37.25 Per Lesson

Flat Rate of 

$149.00 Billed Monthly For Entire Month. 

Per Each Subject / Instrument.

  Per Each Student.  


Completing Registration 

 Your Flat Rate Tuition Will be Locked in and Will

Never be Raised.    

Your Appointment Will Be  

Once a Week for 1 Hr.

For All Registered Students.

  or Other Choice:  

$50.00 for Only

One Session or More

Without Registration

Repairs for All Stringed Musical Instruments

Violin or Guitar Restorations for Your Most Valuable Musical

Stringed Instruments with

Tender Prompt Care.

with Written Guaranteed

$38.50 per Hour + Parts

Free Loaner, If Needed.

All Jobs Are Done on Location.

Cheerfully Accepting Your Debit or Credit Cards
5 y/o Loves Learning to Play Kid's Tunes With His Ukulele

9 y/o Carter Loves Learning

Kids Songs on His Soprano Ukulele

Ukulele EZ Fun Learning for Adults and Kids

Vocal Development Coaching -Songwriting  for

All Ages, Levels and Styles

Singing Lessons for All Ages and Levels
Folk Instruments
Ukulele Enjoyment for Everyone
Harmonica Lessons
Piano Student in Recital with Teacher
Paul D. Happy Guitar Student and Satisfied Guitar Repair Customer

Paul D.

Happy Guitar Student and


Guitar Repair


5 Y/O Brady Loves Learning to Play The Piano

5 Y/O Brady Loves Learning to Play The Piano


Scroll All the Way Down for Each Page

Hover Mouse Over Each Photo


First Star Music Studios

Mission Statement:

First Star Music Studios

Supports and Promotes Every Student to

The Zenith of Their Musical Potentials." 

"The power of music to enrich students lives is the
motivational driving force at
First Star Music Studios" 

Schedules That Are Convenient for Your Family.

Discounts and Make - Up Lessons Available to All Registered Students.

Impressing Life Long Positive Experiences for All Students

From Every Walk of Life. 

Contributing and Benefiting Our Local Communities.

  1. Choose Your Musical Instrument at the Best Student Discount Prices
Student Discounts Available

Drums and Percussion Lessons for Kids and Adults

Drums and Percussion Lessons for Kids and Seniors


Ukulele Fun and Easy Lessons

Ukulele Lessons

Fun and Easy Ukulele Lessons for

Beginners, Seniors or Teachers

Private Lessons for

Voice, Piano, Guitars, Basses, Ukuleles, Mandolins,

Drums,Percussion and More.

Songwriting - Music Theory, Composing

Free Makeup Lessons Offred.

Flexible Schedules That Will be Convenient for You!

Repairs for Violins, Guitars and More


Repairs and Restorations for

Guitars, Violins As Well As

All Stringed Musical Instruments

Budget Price for Labor

Only $38.50 per Hour + Parts & Materials

All Repairs are Done on Site.
Guarantee on All Jobs in Writing.

Your Valuable Instrument Will be Done

Promptly and With Quality Loving Care.

Free Loaners Available. 

Free Estimates.
Never Any Charges for
Examining Your Valuable Instrument.

Cheerfully Accepting your Debit or Credit Cards
Richard, Happy Customer / 1963 Guild 12 String Guitar Restored

Richard, Very Happy Customer / 1963 Guild 12 String Guitar Restored


Guitar Lessons for Seniors

 Just a pleasure to be around.
Great stories and
Easy learning and fun!!

I Decided to take guitar lessons and repairs for guitars.

His lessons are great.
First-rate on set-up and which
when I got it back it played like never before.
I first met Al in 2010 for my

Martin D 18 Guitar repair.

Steve H. -
Rosemount, MN



2 - 1/2 Years of Study

Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

Rishika has studied piano with me for about six and half years.
She prepared her songs for our
Student Music Recitals.

She has done Very Well in All Recital Performances.

  • Rishika is Now 13 yrs of age
  • Edina, MN
Piano and Music Theory  Lessons

Mr. Ynigues Has Taught Me Many Things:




Practice with Passion

Vikash G.

Apple Valley, MN

Bass Lessons for Electric or Acoustic Bass

Al is a Great Teacher.

Always Has Interesting and challenging Songs for Me to Learn and Play on My Fender Bass.

I Highly Recommend

First Star Music Studios for All of Your Family's Musical Need.

Kent D.

Richfield, MN

Fun Drum Lessons for Juniors

Logan Enjoying His Drum Performance at

Student Recital May 2018

"I Love My Drum Lessons"

Piano Lessons forYoungTeens

Quinn 12 y/o Happy to Perform at Student Recital May 2018

"In The 3 1/2 Years That I Have Been With

First Star Music Studios,

Mr. Ynigues Has Taught Me to

Enjoy My Piano Lessons and Recital Performances".

Al Teacher

Meet The Teacher

Al Ynigues

Music Teacher

Supportive, Trustworthy and Dependable
♦ Composer ♦ Arranger / Songwriter
Recording Producer ♦ Performer
Luthier / Repairman ♦
Public Speaker

Contact: Mr. Al Ynigues
Email: alynigues@gmail.com
Voice Message or Text
Website: www.firststarmusic.net

Holy Cross High - San Antonio, Texas
Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, California
El Camino College, Torrance, California
Cerritos College, Norwalk, California
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
University of California of Los Angeles, Brentwood, California
Berkeley College of Music, Boston, Massachusetts
Private Studies with Distinguish Composers,
Eddie Manson, David Raskin,
Earl Hagan

Performer & Styles:
Al began his music studies in 1950 at age 9 and made his musical debut at the age of 12 in 1953.
Since then he has played with such
famous musical giants as
Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington,
Buddy Rich, Count Basie,
Kris Kristofferson... just to name a few.
He is completely at ease singing and
playing a wide range of
Classical, Spiritual, Popular music such as
Big Band Swing, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, International, American Folk, Sing-a-long songs and Gospel music.
Currently, Al is playing and recording locally and is
available to play for your
special occasions.

Affiliations Present & Past
• Twin Cities Musician's Union TCMU,
• Minneapolis, MN
• Minnesota Association of Songwriters MAS Vice President & Showcase Director - Public Relations Officer
• Saint Paul, MN
• Minnesota Association of Christian Songwriters MACS
• Saint Paul, MN
• Apple Valley Music Teacher's Association AVMTA,
• Apple Valley, MN
• Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce
• Apple Valley, MN
• American Guild of Authors and Composers, AGAC,
• Hollywood, CA
• American Federal of Musicians
AFM Local 47,
• Hollywood, CA
• American Society of Composers, Authors & Arrangers ASCAP, Hollywood,CA
• Boy Scouts of America (Eagle Scout) BSA
• San Antonio, TX and Torrance, CA
• Toastmasters International TC,
• San Pedro, CA
• SunRise Business Networking Group
• Apple Valley, MN
• Advertiser / Sponsor with
The Dakota Valley Symphony Burnsville, MN

Composer, Arranger and Songwriter:
Al Ynigues has composed scores for
films and original orchestration for the
Los Angeles Philharmonic, USC Orchestra, UCLA Orchestra.
He has also written original songs for
radio, secular and worship.

Al Has Successfully Taught
All The Styles Of
Voice, Songwriting, Piano, Keyboard,
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Harmonica,
Mandolin, Percussion, Drums And Most
Fretted Instruments To Hundreds Of
Men, Women And Children Since 1960.
He enjoys introducing his students to a
lifetime of music and the joys of
playing an instrument.
His Knowledge, Presentations, Patience, and Sense of Humor is
what guides his students to success


Student Recital December 10th 2018

Student Recital December 10th 2018
Brady with Teacher 1st Piano Lesson
Ella, Happy Piano Student


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